How to Get the Whole Community Involved in HOA Holiday Decorating

How to Get the Whole Community Involved in HOA Holiday Decorating

About 4 in 10 Americans will decorate their home's exteriors during the holidays. The people within your HOA are no exception. They want to bring some festivity to the HOA!

Are you in the HOA holiday spirit yet? Does your community need a festive boost to get the decorations started? How can you do that?

Let's talk about it. Read on to learn how to get the community involved in HOA holiday decorating this year.

Host a Community Meeting

Kick off the holiday decorating plan with an HOA community meeting (or virtual gathering for those who can't attend in person).

Share your vision for a festive community atmosphere and discuss ideas as a group. This provides an opportunity for all HOA residents to express their preferences and share traditions. HOA living requires collaboration, so hosting a meeting beforehand to make sure everyone is on the same page is an absolute must.

Create a Decorating Committee

Form a dedicated holiday decorating committee within the HOA. Make sure that no one person has all of the decorating power. You want every HOA member to feel represented, even if they're not on the official committee.

Invite interested residents to join and contribute their ideas, skills, and time. Having a committee helps distribute responsibilities and ensures a variety of perspectives. It may also help foster a sense of "community ownership" among participants.

Organize Decorating Workshops or Events

Holiday events can be so much fun! Have the HOA board host events with funds gathered throughout the year.

Host decorating workshops and events where residents can come together to create handmade decorations and decorate community spaces as a group. This way, everyone can be involved if they choose to.

Provide materials, ideas, and guidance to inspire some holiday creativity. Make sure everyone (who wants to) is able to add their own holiday cheer into the community.

It's a good idea to take a poll before gathering materials to see if anyone would like anything specific. After all, their dues go into the holiday fund.

Encourage Friendly Competitions

Organize a friendly holiday decorating competition to spark enthusiasm and introduce more holiday fun into the season. Who doesn't love a bit of competition?

Create categories such as "Best Overall," "Most Creative," or "Best Use of Lights." Reward winners with small prizes or certificates. Make sure that your HOA board has no bias within it so the competition stays as fair as possible!

Make HOA Holiday Decorating a Blast This Year

Get the whole HOA community involved with HOA holiday decorating. Everyone deserves to feel represented in their HOA, so they should all join in on the fun! These tips should help you generate more HOA community engagement during the holiday season.

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