5 Common HOA Violations and How Boards Handle Them

5 Common HOA Violations and How Boards Handle Them

Over 70 million U.S. residents live in HOA communities. Most of them reside there without issue, but some find themselves committing HOA violations (often by accident). What should the HOA board do when that happens?

Knowing what violations to expect can help you prepare to handle them. Read on to learn all about common HOA violations and how HOA boards tend to respond.

1. Exterior Modifications without HOA Approval

Homeowners may decide to make changes to the exterior of their homes, such as adding a fence, painting the house a non-approved color, or installing a satellite dish without obtaining proper approval from the HOA. It's normal to want to make changes, but unfortunately, when it comes to HOA living, approval is necessary.

The HOA board will have a review committee responsible for reviewing and approving or denying requests for exterior modifications. If there's a clear violation, the board may issue a notice to the homeowner. The homeowner will have to either seek retroactive approval or revert the changes.

2. Landscaping Neglect

Failure to maintain front yards, lawns, or other landscaping in accordance with community guidelines is a common HOA violation.

HOAs often have landscaping rules to maintain a consistent and nice neighborhood aesthetic. The HOA board may issue warnings and provide a specific timeframe for the homeowner to address the issue. If the violation continues, the board may have to fine the homeowner or take further legal action.

If there's something stopping the homeowner from maintaining their own HOA property (like a disability) the board may work with them to come up with a solution.

3. Non-Payment of Dues

Homeowners have to pay regular dues to fund community maintenance, amenities, and services. Non-payment of these dues is a common violation.

The HOA will have a process for handling late or absent payments, which may include late fees, interest charges, or a lien on the property. In extreme cases, the HOA may pursue legal action to collect the unpaid dues.

4. Noise Violations

Excessive noise from parties, loud music, or construction activities during restricted hours can violate community rules. HOA rules tend to include noise restrictions!

Boards often receive complaints from residents regarding noise disturbances. The HOA may issue warnings, and frequent violations may result in fines. In some cases, the HOA may involve local law enforcement if the issue continues.

5. Noncompliance with Architectural Guidelines

Building or renovating without following the community's architectural guidelines can lead to HOA violations.

Similar to exterior modifications, the HOA's architectural review committee handles these violations. The HOA board may send notices, request corrections, and impose fines if necessary. They may take legal action if the homeowner continues to violate the guidelines.

HOA Violations Are Common

Many people don't mean to commit HOA violations, but they still happen. The HOA board needs to know how to handle them. Is your HOA ready?

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